Wind was a short film I made in Vancouver in 1999/2000. It was loosely based on a short story I had written while at university some years earlier, and was funded by the British Columbia Kick Start progamme, Vancouver Film School (where I was working at the time) and the National Film Board of Canada's Filmmakers assistance Programme.

log line:

Imagine you are offered your hearts’ desire…


What happens when we are offered our hearts’ desire? In this lyrical story, a man (Richard Unterthiner) stands alone on a footbridge over a river feeling the wind play across him. In the magic of the moment, he asks the wind to take him away, to show him the world as it sees it. In this instant, a connection is established between the man and a woman (Leanne Buchanan). The wind becomes a profound link between these two solitary individuals, and offers them something unique: a chance at a meaningful human relationship.

When the man and the woman meet in a bar, the ambience and music (played by the Michael Chase Band) carry them in to the arms of the wind, which brings them back to the footbridge where the man began his journey.

Once there, the man must face the consequences of his dreams, and determine if he has the courage to accept his hearts desire.


as I build these pages I will put out a link to the film, the script and storyboards, and more

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