What I Read

It's impossible to keep track of every interesting thing out on the net, but here's an incomplete list of things I read (somewhat) regularly.

film, medier og journalistikk

Rush Print blogg — norsk perspektiv på filmverdenen
Rush Print — veldig bra dekning av filmmiljøet og emner i Norge
CinemaTech — insightful commentary about filmmaking and technology
Stream film & new media — nytt og meget interessant om film og teknologi
Playback — got in the habit
Millimeter — 'cause your capture medium should be measured in millimeters, not bytes
Buzzmachine — lots of good media analysis
PressThink — Jay Rosen er professor i journalistikk ved NYU
Mediana — ressurs for MK lærere og elever
Loose Wire — about education, the media and more
Neural — an example of what creative people can do with technology
Fotojournalisten — litt av hvert for fotografer, journalister og medievitere
Institutt for journalistikk — fordi det er verdt å vite hva presseetikk er

technology, computers & culture

Web 2.0 in education — great resource for teachers and educators
Boing Boing — eclectic and wonderful
All things digital — opinions about the ''digital revolution''
Pravdam — often makes a lot of sense
Dork Talk — Stephen Fry is smart and funny
bynkii.com — love to read people who tackle stupidity head-on
The Macalope — ditto
Macworld — all mac, all the time

anthropology / sociology / philosophy

This blog sits at... — one of the most interesting blogs I've come across; proof I don't have to agree with someone's politics to admire and respect their writing
Discourse.net — because we need more discourse
Crooked Timber — a little philosophy never hurt anyone
Samizdata — not sure why, but I like them
Pharyngula — one atheist reads another

news (in english)

Project Censored — it's worth seeing what's not in print
Global Voices — "the world is talking. are you listening?"
Independent Media Centre — because the mainstream newsmedia does not report everything important
The Guardian — possibly the best newspaper on the 'net
The New York Times — not bad either
BBC News — 'cause the beeb does news right
CBC — after 27 years in Canada, I learned to trust the CBC
The Toronto Star — well-intentioned, thorough, wishy-washy, earnest, funny: Canada in a microcosm and not a bad newspaper to boot
Truthout.org — not that I care that much about US issues, but their operating principles and mission are important
Talking Points Memo — ditto
Wikileaks — justice through transparency

nyheter (på norsk)

NRK — her finner man det meste
Aftenposten — mye interessant og ikke så verst nyhetsdekning
Klassekampen — dekker det Aftenposten og NRK ignorerer
Tidens Krav — lokalavisa
Tvedestrandsposten — den andre lokalavisa


Many things make me laugh and some of them are actually designed to be funny. Two of those are Basic Instructions and The Joy of Tech


National Georgraphic
Baen free library — free science fiction
CIA World Fact Book — one hopes the CIA knows a thing or two about the world
NASA's astronomy picture of the day — the source of most of my desktop pictures

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