In grade 6 I played Charlie the Anvil Salesman in The Music Man. Despite that — or perhaps because of that — I had absolutely no intentions of becomeing an actor until 1988 when my friend Joanna asked me to take a part in Not to Disturb — adapted from the Muriel Spark novel of the same name. It was hardly great theatre, but it was fun!

I fell in love with the theatre, and if I were given a chance to make a living as an actor today I believe I would jump at the opportunity!

Although I did not attend a theatre school, I did receive training. The highlight of this was a year-long stint under the tutelage of George Luscombe, although I also learned much through workshops with David Smuckler, Daniel Books, Peter Chin and Arturo Fressolone (who introduced me to the ideas of Grotowski and Boal in practice).

The list of productions I performed in is here.

more to come

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