How to wash wax for hair removal


1. It is best not to use the hot wax at home, as there is a risk of thermal burns. In cold or warm wax, depilation is not particularly difficult. Here you have to remember an important rule: apply wax in the direction of hair growth and tear the strips against hair growth with a sharp stroke.

After the procedure for the destruction of unwanted vegetation of the skin are often traces of hard wax vs soft wax . How do you remove them? If hot wax is used as a depilator, it can be removed simply with warm water. After wetting a cotton swab or a very soft sponge, gently remove the residue. To soothe the skin and relieve irritation, apply a cooling gel.

Hot or cold wax is removed with special lotions, paraffin oil towels (they are often sold with wax). If none of these are available, regularly use baby oil, vegetable oil or fat. Remove the remnants with light movements (again with cotton swabs or a soft cloth). Remember, your skin just suffers a lot.

If there is no severe irritation, small wax particles can also be removed by a mechanical method of "sticking" the strips to the right places.

At the end of the procedure, it is best to use a mousse or lotion that slows hair growth, prevents hair growth and moisturizes the skin. Modern manufacturers offer a very wide range of such products. However, redness or irritation will remove the normal baby oil or cream well.


Better to wash the wax for depilation from the skin. All the ways and means

Body care is one of the basic hygienic and cosmetic procedures for women. The smooth and beautiful skin of the legs allows them to look elegant and beautiful, the shaving procedure does not give long-lasting effects, shaving legs, irritation, and sometimes missing places.

Why does wax remain on the skin after depilation?

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted body hair is a waxing car with a waxing mask. If the epilation is done properly, the skin after the session will remain smooth and beautiful for long enough.

However, in the process of removing hair, many people have a question: how to wash wax for skin depilation after the procedure?

There are several mistaken steps that are forgotten to take into account when dancing.